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About BitcoinResiduals

Why to choose BitcoinResiduals?

Bitcoin Residuals provides quality text ads, banner ads and login advertising for our members to grow their businesses each and every month for 0.00045 BTC.

Our unique payplan allows our members to focus on recruiting and selling new ad packages rather than worrying about the monthly fee. When you join Bitcoin Residuals, you will pay 0.00045 Bitcoin to get started and only pay renewals from your earned commissions.

BitcoinResiduals Features

We know you need residual income without the residual fee. We have developed a unique 3 and free opportunity that takes away the worry about paying a residual fee every month.

Safe and Secure

Quality Advertising

Get banner, text and login ads each month when your account renews.

Instant Exchange

Refer 3 and its Free!

When you refer 3 pro/active members your monthly fee will be covered.

Strong Network

25% Matching Bonus

Earn 25% of your direct referrals matrix commissions.

Mobile Apps

Profit Quickly with our 2x15

Quick break even point when you fill your third level.

Margin Trading

Worry Free Renewals

If your subscription lapses, continue to earn 50% commissions until you reach your monthly renewal.


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Compensation Plan

Below is the Monthly Compensation plan for Bitcoin Residuals 2x15

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you question is not listed, please signup and submit a support ticket from your backoffice.

Bitcoin Residuals charges a 0.00045 bitcoin monthly fee.
If your subscription/renewal comes up and there isn't enough funds in your subscription wallet one of two things can happen. The first is you can transfer funds into your subcription wallet if you want your subcription to renew as soon as possible. The second option, which is a big feature of our program, is that you will stay an active pro member and only earn 50% of your matrix commissions until your sub wallet hits 0.00045 bitcoin. Once your sub wallet reaches 0.00045 bitcoin, your subscription will renew for another 30 days. When your subscription renews, you will receive the monthly advertising.
Upon your first month and each month your subscription renews you will receive: 5000 Text ads credtis, 5000 Banner ad credits, and 50 Login ad credits.
Bitcoin Residuals has a 0.00015 Btc direct referral bonus. You will earn 0.00015 Btc for each direct referral that upgrades into the 2x15 monthly matrix. Referring just 3 members will earn you 0.00045 Btc. This will pay for your monthly fee. The same rules apply if your subscription isn't active, you will earn 50% of the referral commission until you receive 0.00045 Btc and your subscription renews.
Yes, we have a Pay it Forward feature for all direct referrals. You may PIF any direct referral for just 0.00045 Btc.
Yes, you can purchase additional advertising for 0.001 btc. You will earn 50% commissions on all additional advertising purchase by your referrals. You will receive 1000 banner and text ads and 25 login ads for 0.001 btc.

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